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Exploration and investigation comes in many forms so we try to incorporate all avenues of learning in our sessions. We combine the use of correct scientific vocabulary and language with simple, yet colourful, models to give meaning to science concepts. We combine information with experiential learning. We engage in investigation, experimentation and problem solving by getting the children to imagine, create and interact (and then improve) small scale models. We ask them to hypothesise and then test. What did you discover?  Unexpected observations often lead to an amended hypothesis and then there is always time to test again.

We take a totally alternative approach to other science-based education programs in Australia. We ensure that our sessions allow ALL the children to undertake their own experimenting, exploring and investigating rather than just watching a demonstration or working in groups with limited materials. This means that every individual in the class will be able to investigate and explore at their own pace and that each individual will be given the opportunity to investigate their own hypotheses and explore via their own method.

The sessions engage critical and creative thinking, encouraging the students to draw on familiar concepts and situations to understand and make conclusions but also to take risks with their ideas and consider (and often test) the “what if” scenarios. They question, reason, consider, investigate, compare, distinguish and experiment.

We identify ethical considerations and discuss how it impacts on decision making. We demonstrate that problems and challenges are a normal part of life, but that we can work towards a solution. We also demonstrate that working collaboratively and listening to others' ideas is an essential part of the problem solving process.

SciencePlay Kids can bring awesome, hands on science to your centre. With our aim of making science an everyday conversation, we bring super fun, interactive experiments, for all your students, that are relatable, engaging and unique.

We have designed each session so that the children investigate a scientific concept through an ‘experience’ that involves fine and gross motor skills, the body’s senses, creativity, lots of mess and elements of surprise and excitement. This approach, combined with tying the information to familiar and relatable examples produces powerful moments that are much more memorable. This means that the science skills and science knowledge imparted during the session is significantly more relatable and recallable, helping cement the learning outcomes from the session. 

We also provide the students with information to take home to parents to give the families the opportunity to continue the science dialogue at home with confidence. Teachers will receive documentation, with extension activities and ideas for further discussions, so that the content that was explored in the session can be revisited in the following weeks.

Another benefit of the SciencePlay Kids approach is that children with all abilities are able to participate and are ENGAGED in our sessions. We have a well-known reputation for successfully engaging children neurodiverse children, especially those with ASD. Due to the hands on nature of our sessions, we are also an ideal program for ESL students. 

​We also find that presenting science concepts via a creative and very tactile approach engages students who don’t usually seem particularly interested in science subjects.

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