Do you want rad science sessions for your students? Dr. Loz can help!



Available to

Primary School & Childcare Centres

Professional Development


Topics range from ‘Our amazing bodies’ to ‘Living things” to ‘Energy’ to ‘Space’.

Sessions can be for single classes (around 45min for up to 20 children) to full days (4-5 x 45min sessions back to back allowing you to reach up to 125 students in one day).


Sessions link to the Australian curriculum and the IB program.

Professional Development sessions for teachers/carers: Get Dr. Loz to come in and share her successful techniques with your educators for engaging children 2-12 years old in Science.

Book in for 1, 2 or 3hr sessions for up to 30 teachers. Sessions include loads of hands on activities (yup, the teachers dress in labcoats and actually do the experiments just like the kids), tips and tricks
 and a booklet with ideas for your classroom. The sessions aims to encourage your carers tackle science in their classroom, gives them the confidence to do so and arms them with some tools to do so. Educators will complete the session understanding more about the  important key elements that Dr. Loz uses to make science SUPER fun and relatable for little people in their everyday lives.


Class Kits

Can’t fit in an incursion? Why not hire a School Science Kit for a term. Our science kits cover a huge range of topic linked to the Australian Curriculum or IB programs. Each kit contains 10+ activities/experiments, all the necessary equipment, materials and instructions for YOUR educators to run weekly science sessions, suitable for Foundation-Year 6, in your school!!!   At the end of the term, return your kit and swap it for a totally different set and start again the following term!! Awesome science for the whole year is that easy.



Need some help filling in the gaps in the curriculum?? Want to add more science to your everyday teaching??? Dr. Loz knows how. Book in a consulting session with her to formulate a “Science Activation Plan” for your centre/school.