Incursion are NOT available until 2021

 Early Childhood 

SciencePlay Kids incursions were designed to target children aged between 3-12 years of age. We have developed a range of programs that are suitable for 3-5yos that can be delivered in a Child Care setting and link with the ELYF. These sessions:

  • use play to investigate, project and explore new ideas 

  •  encourage participation with others to solve problems and contribute to group outcomes 

  • help children to demonstrate an increasing knowledge of, and respect for natural and constructed environments 

  • encourage children to explore, infer, predict and hypothesise in order to develop an increased understanding of the interdependence between land, people, plants and animals

  • help to develop and understanding of why caring for natural and constructed environments is important

  • encourage children to explore relationships with other living and non-living things and observe, notice and respond to change

  • and to assist children to develop an awareness of the impact of human activity on environments and the interdependence of living things.


Features of Living Things

What are living things? What features do they have? Children will explore the different features of living things in three hands-on and super tactile experiments. This session gets awesomely messy but we assure you we will put down a tarp, supply lab coats and safety glasses and clean up. The children will be talking about it for weeks!


Features of Living Things

Our Amazing Bodies

(staying healthy)

SciencePlay Kids-splats-photo.JPG

Our Amazing Bodies

(staying healthy)

In this session we learn about how amazing our bodies are and how we can keep ourselves healthy. What are germs? We investigate the micro world of germs through three awesomely tactile and sensory experiments that get those fine and gross motor skills working. It is colourful, exciting and a little bit gooey. This session will stop kids from picking their noses or forgetting to wash their hands before they eat! 




This session sees the children investigating shapes and air through the amazing world of bubbles. They each blow bubbles, bounce bubbles, pop bubbles, paint with bubbles and even make square bubbles. We learn about circles, spheres, hemispheres, gas, liquids, light and more in this fun filled session.

How things move


How things move

How do things move? It’s all to do with their shape! What are shapes? Why are different things different shapes? How to circular things roll? Why do flat things stay still? This exciting session, full of moving objects, sees each of the children exploring the movement of a variety of different shaped objects through pushes, pulls, gravity and simple machines. It finishes with an experiment that uses our favourite 3D gas filled spheres (aka bubbles) and food colouring to create a beautiful take home piece of art.

Our sessions also:

  • engage children in increasingly complex sensory motor skills and movement patterns 

  • combine gross and fine motor movement 

  • encourage children to use their sensory capabilities and dispositions with increasing integration, skill and purpose to explore and respond to their world 

  • engage in activates that require spatial awareness and orientation

  • engage children in the manipulation of equipment and management of tools with increasing competence and skill