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In Person Incursions are NOT available until 2023.

we are about to announce our educator PD program....

stay tuned

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Virtual Incursions 

Let us do the teaching work for you, we'll engage AND entertain your students

We've now turned our online videos into "virtual" school incursions. Each topic is a series of short videos (each with a little experiment the students can do from home) that you can put up in your google classroom. The content is year level appropriate and curriculum focused. We also include downloadable PDF record/observation sheets you can attach to help the students with observing and recording and evaluating what they experience. 

Our first available topic is Year 1/2 Weather. It is a series of 5 short videos which can be spread out over 1-2 weeks. 


It's $200 per class (for the whole topic, no matter how many short videos are included).

So if you have 3 x Year 1 classes, it will be $600 (plus GST). 

"I cannot recommend Dr Loz's virtual incursions enough! When I asked my students what their favourite subject was at school this week, almost every single student told me 'Science with Dr Loz'! I'll try not to take it too personally, hahaha! The kids (and I) learnt so much with engaging and hands on activities. Thank you Dr Loz for rising to the challenge and delivering such a fantastic series of lessons."

"Dr Loz created an online excursion which was personalised for our current unit and students, and was perfect for remote learning. Our students were engaged with their learning, and our parent community loved the videos and tasks. Her videos sparked curiosity and creativity, and most importantly shared scientific concepts clearly. We missed having Dr Loz visit, but this was the next best thing!"