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"Tick-tock, Snack O'clock" template

"Tick-tock, Snack O'clock" template

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A lunch full of maths. We call this "Tick Tock, Snack O'clock".


I put a variety of foods on the bench with two child safe knives and a picture of a clock face. My kids then get to put each of the foods onto one of the numbers of the clock, ensuring they put the same number of items as the number on the clock. Example: So at the 1, they place one item. At the 9, they place 9 items. If the item they wish to place at number 9 consists of 3 strawberries they then have to cut the strawberries up into small pieces until the get to 9 pieces.

I then call out the time, and they get to eat the food that represents that time!


They love it so we do it at least twice a week. Its such a great meal for my son who is a super fussy eater. When we lunch likes this, he happily eats every item on the clock (which is unheard of for most other meals)!!!


All the cutting has been great for honing coordination skills, strengthening hand and arm muscles and pincer grip development. And his counting has improved heaps. Winning!

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