At SciencePlay Kids we design, develop and deliver unique science experiences to engage ALL brains in science exploration.

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To successfully engage children (aged 2-12) we mash everyday science with play by curating powerful moments that inspire ‘awe and wonder’. Through this science + creativity-based approach we successfully incorporate and cement science skills and knowledge through our explorative and experimental science sessions and workshops.

Our unique science experiences enable every person to creatively explore the science in their everyday lives.
 Our Services 

 Our Vision 

At SciencePlay Kids we believe: 

Science based experiences and investigations should be accessible to ALL children

 And our Vision is:
to break down the barriers that restrict entry to science education by presenting it as a visual, tactile and interactive experience using familiar and engaging materials that ALL children feel comfortable and confident engaging with.

The SciencePlay Kids Mission:

We use a combination of play and multi sensory teaching and communication approaches so that every individual is able to see and understand the science of their world. Through our workshops, events and consultancy, we share how make science more approachable, more engaging and more ACCESSIBLE so that EVERYONE can experience and use science in their daily lives.

What we do:

SciencePlay Kids offers an awesome array of

  • teacher PD sessions;

  • science curriculum consulting for primary schools;

  • community outreach programs (for events and community spaces);

  • school holiday programs in Melbourne’s western suburbs;

  • activations for events

  • incursions for early years and primary schools