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 Meet Dr. Loz 

Dr. Lorien Parker has a
PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

She's worked across the world, sent her experiments into space, and has two little scientists of her own. 

She was recently named as one of the Australia Financial Reviews 100 Women of Influence in 2018! 

Dr. Loz has worked with 1000s of early years and primary aged children, engaging them in multi-sensory science explorations.


As a fellow neurodivergent herself, Dr. Loz understands that all brains take in and process information differently, so when she communicates science, she incorporates many different techniques to ensure that all types of learners can access the information and participate in the investigation. Dr. Loz lowers the barrier for entry to science (and STEAM) based education. Science should be accessible to EVERYONE!

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