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How to integrate inclusive STEM into your classroom (Professional Development for Early Years, Primary or early Secondary educators (Year 7-9)

Dates available for 2024:

Primary and early secondary educators:

20th of March

Join us in exploring low-tech options for investigating engaging STEM explorations that are accessible for all learners in your classroom.

This full day workshop is aimed for educators teaching Prep -Year 9. Don't expect to be sitting down for the day flicking through an endless power point presentation or doing the same experiments you did when you were in primary school, like the old Bicarb and vinegar volcano (booooooo). Instead, you will get to tinker, create, experiment and explore with ALL the different materials (as well as take some home with you to keep), while learning new and exciting ways to bring engaging science, technology, Engineering and Maths to ALL your students.


Our focus on inclusive learning means we'll also be sharing HEAPS of tips and tricks on how to engage neurodivergent students effectively (it also helps that Dr. Loz is Autistic and ADHD herself).


The workshop will be completely hands-on so that educators can get first hand experience around how everyday materials (plus a few special tools) can be used to explore the STEM curriculum. We'll also show you how we link STEM ideas to other areas of the curriculum to create a more integrated and relatable experience for students.

The workshop will cover 2 main areas:

1) The science of learning:

  • HOW we learn so you can actually understand WHY inquiry and discovery based learning is so effective

  • Diversity in todays' classroom - what is a neurodivergent brain?

  • How to accomodate ALL brains in the classroom

  • How to design learning opportunities to optimise for long term memory storage and information retrieval

  • How to reduce cognitive overload for your students

  • Quick activities to fill the 'cups' of sensory seekers


2) STEM education/lesson ideas/curriculum

  • Redefining STEM (it's a mindset, not just a skillset)

  • Exploring STEM concepts using everyday, low tech materials

  • Making STEM experiences and conversations less intimidating and more approachable

  • Linking STEM across the curriculum

  • STEM lesson ideas and plans


We'll show you our favourite low tech STEM materials and why we use them. The benefit of low tech is that students approach STEM experiences more confidently; they are less afraid to take risks because the consequences of making mistakes are less substantial; low tech materials are usually more familiar; low tech materials are often associated with play AND low tech materials are usually readily available and low cost!

Every participant will receive a pack to take back to the classroom. This will contain many of the materials we used in the workshop, lesson plans for many areas of the STEM curriculum and worksheets for you to use with your students. You'll also take away loads of new ideas for STEM activities/lessons, amazing (and affordable or free) resource ideas and inspiration on how to re-engage your learners in the wonderful world of STEM.

Lunch will be provided but if you have any dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

If you have any particular areas of the STEM curriculum you struggle to explore in an engaging way in your classroom, please email and let me know and I will do my best to make sure we cover it in the session.


Date: You can book in as a full school (we can work to find a date that suits you) or get in contact to find out when we are running open sessions that you can join as an individual, or just send 1-2 representatives from your school.

Time: 10.00-4pm for full day workshops. We can also accomodate half day workshops or after school staff meeting sessions


Where: 32 Lobelia Drive, Altona North. We can come to you if necessary but our on-site is preferred


Cost: Starting at $328.00 pp for full day workshop (subject to change). In house workshops fully catered. 

Accessibility info:

32 Lobelia Drive is a step free and wheel chair accessible venue, the main entrance is at street level.

Accessible bathroom is at street level, adjacent to the main space.

If attending a session with a guide dog or assistance animals please contact us in advance at Whilst we love our furry friends depending on the session there may be hazards for them, and we are happy to chat about the best way to keep them safe.

We are committed to continually improving our services to ensure our events can be enjoyed by all. If you have specific access requirements please get in touch via

If you'd like to enquire about our teacher professional development sessions fill out the contact form, or call us on the number below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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