Educator PD 

Educator PD will be available from July 2021

Join Dr. Loz for a full day of awesome experimenting. She'll share with you how she engages ALL the learners in the classroom by incorporating little tips and tricks that enable visual learners, spatial learners, tactile learners, kinaesthetic learners and everyone in between to access and engage in STEM related investigations. 

Dr Loz will explain HOW children (and adults) learn and then share with you some fun strategies to increase information uptake, retention and retrieval.


She will share with you how she makes science accessible for neurodivergent students, linguistically diverse students, students with disabilities.... all the students!

You don't need a background in STEM to teach it, just a bit of passion and some awesome support (which we aim to provide).

Make sure you're up for it though, it'll be an action packed and creative session that will leave you hanging to get straight back to the classroom to start sciencing ASAP. Science RULES!

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