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A potential solution to the plastic dilemma 

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In this episode of The Good People Podcast we explore how Dr Loz went from a career in cancer treatment research, to championing STEM learning, and making it accessible, and digestible for all types of brains.


Lorien invented Science Play Kids which creates programs to teach kids of all kinds about the wonders of science, and also Personal Development courses for teachers, so they have the skills and confidence to tackle STEM.


Listen to Dr Loz on The Good People Podcast

You’ve heard of Dr. Karl, now meet Dr. Loz (Impact Blog)

"Whether she’s talking about the push-pull forces of getting out of bed in the morning, or the chemistry of cooking breakfast and the conversion of energy from what we eat into the movement of our bodies, the physics of sports, or the textures, properties of materials, and shapes used in art, she wants everyone to get excited thinking about how science is a part of it all. You can feel her excitement in her Facebook posts about upcoming planetary events such as eclipses, or the breeding cycles of the ‘367 Collins falcons’, or her latest cool home food science experiment.

But if she could teach kids just one thing, it seems to me it would be that asking questions – and then finding answers – is really what science is all about."


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Listen to Dr. Loz on the Boilerhouse Podcast 

Lorien Parker founded SciencePlay Kids to inspire young children by showing them that science is everywhere and in everything. After beginning her career as a medical research scientist, Lorien decided to change gears and become a small business owner bringing science education experiences to communities in Victoria. In this interview we chat the challenges involved in a research career that made Lorien decide to change directions and embark on her new mission. We also chat about how understanding scientific principles can empower kids to create and explore the world around them.

Feedback From Programs

"Zoos Victoria has been delighted to work with Lorien in sharing her passion for science with schools and children visiting our zoos. Through science we can understand the planet better and the need to change our behaviours. Through fun we can engage children. Dr Loz (Lorien) brings both, in a fun and impactful way."


Dr. Jenny Grey - CEO Zoos Victoria

"More than 80% of our cohort each year is made up of families that are culturally, linguistically and socio-economically diverse. We have been engaging with SciencePlay since 2018 through group interaction. The topics and materials provided very much align with our curriculum. Not only do they enhance children’s learning, they are also accessible to families speaking minimal English...

One family commented “Thank you! Since watching this show my son said that he wants to be a scientist""


-Susan Hendra, coordinator of the Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters at Cohealth.

Google and Facebook Reviews

"We’ve attended a couple of the sessions in Footscray, highpoint shopping centre and Werribee zoo, my children absolutely loved it. Some of the experiments I would never have thought of in my wildest dreams! Thinking outside the box! I’d definitely recommend it!!"

"Dr. Loz and her team are amazing, such a fun experience whilst learning all things science. A definite must for some school holiday fun. We always have a great time!"

"Dr Loz is actually just amazing! She’s well and truly found her calling in life because the passion she has for Science and kids being involved in science is amazing!!

Engaging, funny, informative and inclusive, Dr Loz and her team at SciencePlay Kids are an asset to our community and I can only hope that everyone gets an opportunity to attend a session with them."

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