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A child testing materials with an energy stick.

 About Us 

Making science accessible for all learners

SciencePlay Kids is all about making science accessible and approachable for everyone. We explore science concepts and a STEM Mindset by incorporating creativity, play, tactile and sensory rich experiences and familiar materials to make approaching and engaging in science investigations possible for all types of learners.

All brains take in, process and retrieve information differently. At SciencePlay Kids we understand this and have evolved our teaching to ensure information is presented 
(and able to be explored) in a way that is accessible for everyone in a typical classroom where there is a diverse range of learning styles. In doing so, we maximise the opportunity for EVERY CHILD to approach STEM investigations confidently.

Whether it's in your classroom, your back yard, or our very own laboratory, with a little help from Dr. Loz, you can make science an opportunity for EVERYONE to explore!

SciencePlay offers:

Educator PD, STEAM consulting for schools to enhance the science curriculum, Incursions, Holiday workshops for 3-12 yos, Community engagement, Events and Development of bespoke STEAM programs for corporate clients. 

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