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 Meet Jess Dubblu 

Creative Designer of Science Play Kids


Jess joined the Science Play Kids team as a facilitator in 2019, and after letting it slip that she can draw, has been doing so ever since. 

She has a Masters of Arts Management from RMIT, and has been published in the Big Issue and GEMS zine. She has contributed to the 100 Story building 'Early Harvest' series of books, and co illustrated the 'Pie Thief' recipe book. 

Jess makes comics, art installations, designs, murals and jewellery. In 2015 she opened Yonder Art Space in Yarraville, a studio and art gallery dedicated to supporting emerging artists, which ran until 2019. 

As the Creative Designer for Science Play Kids, Jess loves finding ways to teach through illustration and design. As someone who has had an interest in science since childhood, she loves integrating art into science lessons showing that the two have more in common than most would think. 

Check out Jess' other work: 

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