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Cardboard construction classroom kit

Cardboard construction classroom kit

GST Included

This awesome kit allows you to create almost anything with recycled cardboard. With 800 cardboard connectors (from 3DUX Design), 300 screws, 10 screwdrivers, 35 mini tools, 5 perforator for creating fold lines (all from Makedo), and a bunch of precut, custom cardboard pieces all stored in a handy drawstring calico bag. A cordless, electronic cardboard cutter with charger is part of the kit. This is for use by the teacher. Also included is a 28 page booklet, made by us, to show you how to use all of the pieces and inspire you to create, prototype, invent and make. Classroom worksheets are also included. 


The beauty of creating with cardboard is it’s free, it’s accessible, it’s familiar, it can be coloured in and decorated, it’s easy to manipulate and when you use cardboard you’re safe to make mistakes because you can just get another piece….. which makes prototyping inventions, and ideas less intimidating and less permanent. The design process and iteration is simple with cardboard because it’s so easy to manipulate. And no pesky sticky tape is needed.


The booklets and worksheets allow you to explore almost any area of the curriculum in a engaging, fun, concrete manner which appeals to tactile learners, experiential learners, sensory learners, artistic and creative students and all types of brains.


Cardboard is a material that can be used from four-year-olds to 64-year-olds (or older if you're so inclined).


This particular kit is suited to 4+ due to the requirement of some level of fine motor skills and also the choking hazard that the small parts present.

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