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Paper Microscope and Field Set

Paper Microscope and Field Set

GST Included

Foldscope combines low-cost materials with precision optics. With a magnification of 140X, Foldscope can visualise tiny things like bacteria and microorganisms as well as larger samples like insects, plants, fabrics, and tissues. Foldscope can also attach to mobile phones for imaging, and it is very portable and waterproof. With that versatility, the possibilities are endless!


Each set includes the essentials (Foldscope paper microscopes, cell-phone coupler, assembly/instruction sheet, carrying pouch, and paper slides with clear tape coverslips) plus some labware to help with finding and preparing samples (plastic tweezers, Petri dishes, pipettes, mini test tubes and some cue tips for cleaning). There is also a little field guide to help you get started.


*additional glass slides and coverslips can be purchased separately.


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