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Colour-in Zoologist badge and activity pack (6 pages total)

Colour-in Zoologist badge and activity pack (6 pages total)

GST Included

Got a little zoologist? This colour-in printable science badge/sticker come with 5 zoology related activities. Make your own foodweb, learn about some amazing animal adaptations, including why a wombat's poo is cubed, complete a maze, help the animals in cold habitats survive and match the animal to its scat (poo). And once you have completed these tasks, you earn your "Zoologist in Training" badge. Print it on regular paper or on sticker paper and stick it on your exercise book. The zoologist in training badge is part of a set of 15 different science occupations. Buy just one, or buy them all!

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    • This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.
    • Each license (purchase) is valid for one educator/classroom with 1-35 students or one family. These printables are for non-commercial use only. This PDF file may not be distributed for free or for any form of compensation. 
    • If you would like to use these lesson plans as part of a class or practice you charge for, you must purchase a professional license. If you're purchasing this as a public or private school teacher, you don't need a professional license. Please reach out to for more information.
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