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How does it taste?

How does it taste?

GST Included

Print this page (or make your own version) and have some fun with STEAM skill and afternoon snacks.

We used this activity to build vocabulary, learn how our brain obtains information, explore how we are unique from each other, differentiate between different sensations and put words to those sensations, make eating a fun experience, and as a prompt to explore how other living things experience taste (did you know that butterflies can taste through their feet? Imagine that! Goodbye stinky old sneakers- yuk).

Will all the remote learning going on, I’m trying to introduce some fun activities to do in you breaks (that also involve getting in healthy snacks - two birds one stone). Or, if you’re an educator, some cool ideas that you might want to set as tasks for online learning that can then be used as writing prompts: categorising foods into groups, Venn diagrams (salty or sweet OR both) etc.

*as always, please don’t force your children to eat anything they do not want to. It’s important to keep a positive association around learning and food experiences.

*that said- this is one of the only activities in which I can get my children to eat raw spinach leaves. And they do it without batting an eyelid!!!

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