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Snack Battles template

Snack Battles template

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“Snack battles” It’s basically battleship, but tastier.


This is another cool snack game we play at home.


My younger son is learning to recognise numbers and letters whilst my daughter is learning about coordinates, graphic representation of data, tables, pictographs and other cool stuff in grade 1.


By playing this game they get to eat healthy food, have fun, and practice some of the things that they’re currently learning and exploring. As with the clock lunch game, I present them a range of food, put a barrier up between them so they can’t see each other’s grid, and then THEY place their food where they like on their own grids. To play they each take it interns to list a coordinate and the other person has to check that coordinate on their careers and if there is food on it they eat it if there is not they simply shake their heads. The aim is to get the other person to eat all their food first (see what I did there ). If you’re playing with just one child, you, the grown-up, can just call out the coordinates.


My little guy who is just turned four is now I able to read coordinates just from playing this game. I haven’t taken it any further with him because I know he’ll get to that at school when it’s time and for the moment I just want to keep it fun for him. But it’s super cool to watch him find the letter, trace upwards with his finger and then find the number and trace across with his other finger until he finds where they meet.


Another cool thing that I’ve noticed is that both of them tend to make patterns with their food! So cool.


So whilst this game is quite straightforward there are so many other opportunities for exploration within it and so much great practice for spatial awareness, pincer grip etc etc


***Remember when reading coordinates the X -axis comes first and the y-axis second. The X-axis goes across the bottom-horizontal and the Y-axis runs vertically, going up the left side of the page.

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