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Silver Atom Earrings

Silver Atom Earrings

GST Included

This is a Silver Atom. It has 47 Electrons.


Atoms are building blocks that make up things. There are 118 (currently) different types of atom. Each type has special properties that make it unique, these are called elements. Inside an atom are smaller components called protons, neutrons (both residing in the very centre) and electrons, that move around the outside.


Each different type of atom, called an element, is defined by the number of protons, neutrons and electrons it has. This is a model of a silver atom. It has 47 electrons that orbit the nucleus in the centre. These electrons have different layers called shells or orbitals, that they move around in.. Sometimes the electrons on the very outside of n atom, can be lost OR an extra one can be gained. Sometimes, when two atoms are close enough together, they can share an electron between them. The electrons that are closer to the centre, do not tend to leave the atom but, if they get excited enough, they can jump from one layer to another and back again, emitting energy that we know as LIGHT.

  • Care Instructions

    To keep your jewellery looking great please keep in mind that perfume or creams can damage the earrings. So it's best to always keep away from your cosmetics and store them somewhere dry. Also, resist throwing them in your bag (so easy to do when you are in a hurry) to avoid any breakages.

    Please be aware that we do not have control over the density of the glitter in the acrylic and we will do our best to match the product photos listed.

  • Materials Used

    Acrylic and Stainless steel.

    Earrings come with protective film. Please peel off before wearing to get maximum shine and sparkle.

  • Dimension Approx.

    • 50mm across at widest point and 44mm tall.

    • Hangs on a stud that is 20mm diameter.

  • Delivery

    Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery, as we're making the earrings to order.

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